Reading log

The “✭” next to the title indicates that it’s a recommendation either because I believe it is well-written or because it has prompted metanoia at some level. “⟳” indicates that it’s a reread.


Benyamin Goat Days
Sunday, December 31

Jen Beagin Big Swiss
Saturday, December 30

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni The Palace of Illusions
Wednesday, December 27

Kai Bird & Martin J. Sherwin American Prometheus
Thursday, November 24

Alexis Schaitkin Elsewhere
Thursday, September 27

Tara Brach Radical Acceptance
Thursday, September 7

Karen Bakker The Sounds of Life
Friday, August 18

Haruki Murakami Men Without Women
Sunday, July 30

Benny Lewis Fluent in 3 Months
Friday, July 07

Hank Green An Absolutely Remarkable Thing
Saturday, July 01

Frank Herbert Dune
Friday, June 23

Alexander R. Luria The Mind of a Mnemonist
Thursday, March 16

Neal Stephenson Snow Crash
Thursday, March 09

Neil Gaiman The Graveyard Book
Thursday, January 05

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