But can you Skedaddle?

March 16, 2024

There’s this play in basketball called the “fast break.” It starts with an immediate change of possession in favor of the defense. Because of how quickly it happens, the offense, now the defense, is left in the dust. When everything goes right, it’s beautiful. The easiest 2 points, in my opinion.

I love running fast breaks for my team. I come off the bench and I’m really just a role-player. Too small to be a center or one of the forwards, and my dribbling is nowhere good enough to play point guard. I mean my coach herself once said, “Er ist gar kein Point-guard.” Which loosely translates “He’s not a point guard at all”. Touché, but the truth. However, I’ll tell you what, I believe I can lead a fast break or two. I just have to make a good judgement and hope that my team follows through.

If it came down to a fight or flight situation, I always thought that I was the kinda guy to take flight. That’s where the Skedaddle came from. As in, Battle or Skedaddle. But it isn’t exactly running away in my opinion. It’s taking the battle elsewhere, to a place where you’re in control.

So that’s how you get to Skedaddle or Skedaddle. Among many other things, it’s my dorky way of thinking about stoic re-framing.


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